Wise County Sportsmen

Gun Range Springtown Texas

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Only 100 member spots available. Call us now!

Looks like March 1st we will start taking applications to become a member.

Required Criteria will be one of the following plus a person to person briefing of Range Rules with a signed Affidavit and Waiver. There could be a couple more items that might need to be included.

• Valid Texas License To Carry
• Valid NRA Certified Instructor
• US Military Firearms Instructor / Range Officer, etc
• NRA Prescribed, on site, written exam with a passing grade along with
on site Shooting Qualification

We insist that Wise County Sportsmen’s Center will not be a “come and go to anyone and everyone” facility. We desire to be the safest range around with a family atmosphere driven by SAFE, Sane, Loyal, Clean and Courteous Members.

At the Range we will offer ammo, targets, hearing and eye protection, snacks and drinks as well as other items for sale at the range.

Port-a-potty’s will be on site until we get our restrooms built. Shaded areas will be built as we go while improvements in comfort will be second only to Safety!

Steve and Paul hope that you are as excited as we are to bring such a much needed facility to Springtown. We feel that it is a fitting addition to our Lil -Ole – Gunshop …… On The Square Guns & Ammo Springtown.

Wise County Sportsmen

Well folks we moved a lot more dirt today. Lane #4, 100 yard rifle / 4 benches, almost done!!

The north berm is 12ft high plus another 4ft – 6ft into the ground. All of the lanes will be “subterranean ” (sunken into the earth) by at least 3 ft deep with 10ft – 12ft tall berms.

High caliber, rifle, shooting will be to the west. Pistol ranges will be towards the North, since that is the highest side with the deepest cuts and taller berms.

Lane #1 will be for Handgun Qualifying shooting at paper targets

Lane #2 will be for Handgun shooting Gallery style and can include shooting from behind obstacles

Lane #3 will be another Handgun Gallery style and can include zig-zag shooting and from behind obstacles.

Lane #4 will be a 100 yard range with 4 shooting benches

Lane #5 will be a 100 yard range with 6 benches

Lane #6 will be a 50 yard range for rifles or handguns including AR type rifles. This lane will be used along with lane #7 for 3-Gun, IDPA and other events.

Lane #7 will be for special shooting such as Archery, Simulation Shooting and other training.

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